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Poll: What hurts after training?

I’m interested to hearing from you – what hurts after a particularly demanding training session?  I’m not talking about an actual injury…those things happen and we deal with it.  And I’m not talking about getting caught in an armbar that has your elbow tender for a few days.

I’m talking about recurring aches and pains that you deal with on a regular basis.

For example: on mornings after BJJ training, my lower back is ALWAYS sore and tight.  This tells me that my core is puny and pathetic, and I need to strengthen those muscles big time.  Likewise, after a long Krav Maga session (which I haven’t experienced in a while), especially when working a carry position to deliver knees, my hip flexors were sore for a few days – guaranteed.  Again, it’s a muscle endurance thing.  My hip flexors were just not strong enough to handle the demands of repeatedly delivering the ‘Muay Thai Special’.

What has you reaching for Aleve (or Sam Adams) after training?

As you ibuprofen-up…don’t forget to take care of each other.  Cheers!


Superman watermelon drink…

A few posts ago, I gave a rave review of a product called T+ from Onnit labs (

Well, after a way-too-long break – caused by my poor planning – the FedEx gods have seen fit to deliver my second container of watermelon flavored, endogenous testosterone elevating superman drink.

Ok – superman drink might be a bit much.  But, T+ definitely delivers a powerful effect of all-day energy, excellent post-training recovery, and overall bad-assery for those who no longer get carded when ordering a Sam Adams at the local watering hole (and instead, get a ‘coming right up, Sir‘).  I’m glad to be back on this supplement, and promised myself that I would order a replacement in time to enjoy the recommended two-week break, then get right back to it.

I also decided to try another product, Alpha Brain.  This is a nootropic…aka, brain vitamins…designed to optimize mental drive and focus.  I’ve only been taking this for a few days now, so I won’t boast any benefits just yet.  This is in no way a ‘Limitless’ pill enjoyed by Eddie Morra (played by Bradley Cooper…a cool movie if you ask me)…but over the past few days I’ve felt pretty focused while at work.  More to follow on this…I want to make sure this isn’t just me being excited about a new product…

Ok, enough product placement – on to training.

After an 11 day break due to business travel, last night was a great class.  Warmups, as always, make me sweaty.  I always laugh at myself after warmups, because I’m the only one wiping my forehead with the sleeve of my gi.  After warmups, we drilled cross-collar chokes (three variations)…and worked kimura from guard.  I’ve worked kimura from the guard several times before, but last night it seemed to click a bit.  “Ahhhh, if I keep squeezing my knees together while I post up, my partner won’t back out as I reach for the arm.”  … “If I can lock my heels together after securing the arm, and I give a little stretch by lifting my hips, it sinks the lock in tighter.”

We then had our two ~15 min rolls.  My first dance partner was a young Army officer who is no doubt trained to kill people with his bare thumb.  He’s fast, strong, and has endurance for, well, ever.  We had a great roll – lots of sweeps, a few submission attempts only when in good position, and plenty of good defense.  He’s pretty tall too, so we took up about 1000 square feet of mat space – nearly rolling on top of a pair next to us…hitting the muai thai pads stacked in the corner, and back across the mat and up against the wall.  Good stuff.

My second roll was with Emil, our senior BJJ student, and one of the lead Krav Maga instructors.  Yeah, what can I say?  I survived.  Lots of scrambling around after just barely defending against a number of his arm submissions.  Oh, and his guard is ROCK SOLID…might as well tie a chain around your hips.  Thanks for taking it easy on me, Emil!

So…an 11 day break.  Much to my surprise, I didn’t forget how to tie my belt.  I didn’t puke.  I didn’t get injured (thankfully).  All good.

After class, I thumbed through the folder of Krav Maga promotion certificates to find my Level I (Yellow Belt) promotion certificate.  What a shame!  Ever since ‘leveling up’, I haven’t been able to work my schedule to attend a Level II class.  While my BJJ has been consistent (weeknight class starts at 8pm), my Krav Maga has been lacking.  That’s next on the list – figure out how to get back to Krav Maga on a more regular basis.

It will take YEARS for me to climb the BJJ ranks…but, I have this goal to reach a point in my Krav Maga experience where I might be able to teach the Level I class.  Is that possible in the next two+ years?

Ok, hydration and bed time.  No-gi class tomorrow – that’s always harder for me.

Take care of one another.  Cheers.

Bruise like a peach

A quick blog post this morning…

Last Wednesday was no-gi. I had the pleasure of working with a seasoned blue belt who is 2-3 years older than me.

We worked well together during our drills…and we ended class with a short 10-15 min roll. Professor decided to keep us rolling with the same person. So we enjoyed a spirited roll – where at one point he pulled a perfect BJJ 101 sweep on me (as I stood up to break his iron-clad guard), and we rolled/landed right into a sweet arm-in triangle. I thought for a brief moment (before tapping), “How on earth did I let that happen?” But, he executed perfectly, with perfect timing. How can I not appreciate that?

He also has a good lockdown. I remember scrambling away at one point because his shin really dug into my inner-shin/calf muscle.

I woke up the next morning feeling: wow, my shin is tender! I made me way into the light, and saw my bruise.

Yes, apparently I bruise like a peach. Haha!

Take care of each other! (As I take care of my bruise.)


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